Foot Chase in North Lufkin Concerns Residents

A Lufkin police officer suffered an eye injury Thursday during a foot chase. It happened in the 700 block of Glenn street when officers responded to a call from witnesses who saw a woman breaking out several windows at a home. Authorities tried to arrest 31 year-old April Ransom but she ran off. Officers chased her for a block. She had to be pepper sprayed before taken into custody.

People living in the north Lufkin neighborhood are concerned that more crimes, like today's police foot chase, are making their neighborhood less desirable. "When I was born in the 40's this was one of the prime African American neighborhoods in Lufkin. At that time all of the people who lived on that street were professionals," says Joe Thompson.

Thompson's family has lived in this home for more than a century. A lot has changed over the years. Thompson's home has been burglarized many times and nearby homes have been allowed to deteriorate. "I'm appalled, I'm upset, one because the condition these houses have been in for the past 20 years is continual deterioration", says Thompson.

Thompson says with the help of Lufkin police, the city and a community wanting to take their neighborhood back north Lufkin could once again be the prime neighborhood it was years ago.

Ransom is in the county jail facing state felony charges.