As students all across East Texas are getting prepared to take the TAKS test, some Lufkin students took time to camp out.

To get students at Brandon Elementary pumped up to take the TAKS test on Tuesday, they had a relaxing camp setting. There they told stories, wrote stories, and listened to others stories to get them a little bit more prepared for tests while enjoying a relaxing environment. They were able to enjoy the campfires, the tents, and the lights out, with flashlights leading their way. And the kids enjoyed every minute of it.

Most students will be taking the reading part of the TAKS test Tuesday, February 21st, which means now is the time to prepare.

Over the weekend, the kids should be getting to bed early, so that they are in a routine and ready and rested for Tuesday's test. They should also eat a good breakfast on the day of the test. And make sure you make a little time to review some skills over the weekend to better prepare your kids.