FEMA Deadline for Evacuee Family

Sandra and William Simms are hurricane Katrina evacuees. They have been living in two small hotel rooms with their five children since October of last year. "It's like living in a matchbox. Everybody was crammed up, boxes everywhere", says Sandra Simms.

Their deadline with FEMA expired days ago. Now they are forced to move. "It's stressful. It's very stressful. You need to plan to move. You need to make arrangements, have everything set up and organized. I'm just grabbing whatever I can", says Simms.

The Simms family is having to sramble because of the last minute move, but the last minute move is coming with first class benefits, because their home loan was approved. They will begin to move from a cramped hotel room to a beautiful dream home in the Settlement in Lufkin. "It's like a dream, all of it, starting from Katrina to right now. It's like a dream and in the end it came out beautiful. It was hard in the beginning but it all paid off, says Simms.

. The Simms officially move into their new home Saturday.