Hunting Education

Texas Parks and Wildlife took hunter education on the road Saturday making a stop in East Texas to stress the importance of safety. "The classes always focus on safety. The number one thing is we teach the ten commandments of shooting safety and the number one thing is always point the muzzle in a safe direction, always keep your finger off the trigger and treat every firearm as if it is loaded", says Terry Irwin with the Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Vice President Cheney's hunting accident last week brings to light that it can happen to anyone. East Texas hunting instructors are pleased because accidents in Texas were at an all time low last year. "Hunting actually is getting safer because of hunter education. We had thirty accidents in 2005 and two fatalities. That is lowest since we've been keeping records in 1966", says Irwin.

Hunting instructors from all over Texas held the 17th annual Texas Hunters conference in Nacogdoches. They say East Texas hunters should know to play the sport you must know the rules. "Hunting is important but the most important is you've got to be prepared because being prepared the first step is taking a hunter safety program and knowing what to do" says Joe Rogers.

It could save a life.