Gospel Radio Show Celebrates 11 Years

Every Sunday morning, you can find Anthony Erwin behind the microphone at AM1340 KRBA, hosting the Hallelujah Gospel Train. "Every Sunday morning I'm usually up at 4 am with a zeal of the Lord in my heart because I know there is a story out there that needs to be told. There is someone out there that needs to be saved and there is some information out there that needs to be passed along", says Anthony Erwin.

Erwin's religious morning program features a wide range of guest from East Texas. He also plays traditional and contemporary African American gospel music. "He knows how to play the right songs, at the right time and then he has those anointed speakers come in and spill out what God has given them and I appreciate that", says Lois Crebit.

Pastor Lois Credit has been a faithful listener for nine years. She says the show is a blessing to East Texans who are sick and shut in. "It makes my day, yes it does, it makes my day", says Crebit.

Sunday listeners gathered at the radio station as Erwin celebrated 11 years on the air. It is a milestone for the one of kind East Texas gospel radio program.

Erwin eventually hopes to have his own 24 hour gospel radio station in East Texas.