Icy Conditions Mean More Accidents

Robert Scott, of the Lufkin Police Department, has been patrolling the city since early Monday morning. Usually, when he gets a call, there has been an accident.

Scott said, "Slow down. That is the main thing is just slow down."

It didn't take long before two vehicles were involved in a minor accident on South First Street in Lufkin.

Scott said, "It wasn't bad, but it is something that could have been prevented."

Lufkin police officers have not seen any life-threatening accidents on Monday. But, they know this type of weather makes those accidents more likely. They are hoping drivers will pay close attention when they are behind the wheel to avoid busy days like Sunday.

Scott said, "We didn't even get to have a shift meeting. We just went straight to our cars, one accident after another. People simply wouldn't slow down when they crossed over an overpass."

When you hit an icy patch, there is a good chance you will lose control of your car.

"Let off the gas and steer the opposite way that your vehicle is pointing," Scott said.

Police officers say they have only had to work minor accidents, but from midnight on Sunday to noon on Sunday, they worked 49 accidents.

Law enforcement urges you to stay off the roads unless you absolutely have to. In that case, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.