TxDot Workers Stay Prepared for Rough Weather

There are no longer any overpasses closed in Lufkin because of icy weather conditions. Highway workers have put rock down on iced over areas to give drivers more traction.

Many roads around the area will stay slick as long as it keeps raining. Most of the ice problems are now melting away, but drivers should still slow down and stay a safe distance behind other cars to avoid accidents.

Most East Texas drivers were not ready for the poor road conditions we experienced this weekend, but the Texas Department of Transportation has been prepared long before the winter. TxDot trucks stay loaded with rocks until they are needed.

Kathi White, TxDot spokesperson, said, "The rock has traction. It provides more traction for the vehicles to be able to climb across the overpasses and the bridges."

But even with trucks dumping rocks on the road, that doesn't take away the danger of unsafe driving.

"We don't want people to get a false sense of security. The ice is gone at this moment - it's still drizzling, the roads are still wet, some of them are still thawing - you still need to use caution."

That's good advice for driving in any weather conditions, not just on wet and icy roads.

"We're still having a little drizzle and who knows what [Monday night] will bring," said White. "If temperatures drop again, then we could have more icy roads [Tuesday] morning."

And keep in mind, although they're here to make driving safer, they are still rocks. Tx Dot knows flying rocks can hurt motorists and damage vehicles, so workers are urging drivers to take it slow and be extra cautious on the road.

TxDot also uses sand to spread over icy roads, but workers said rocks are more effective because sand tends to freeze.