Pep Rally Motivates Students For TAKS

The Ice Cold Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha felt the need to give to the community. So they stepped up to principals and said let us handle your school's TAKS pep rally. Step routines, cheers and talks were given at several schools including Thomas J. Rusk Elementary on Monday. The rally helped relieve some of the bottled up pressure TAKS brings to students, teachers and principal Delinda Neal. "The accountability issue that's in our state right now is sometimes can seem like a black cloud and that we are judged by one particular test and you can't help but feel the pressure."

So it's nice to have the community backing from businesses. Banita Cleaners displays a sign on North Street reminding the community about TAKS. APA member Jeremy Johnson said, "When you got somebody behind you, somebody backing you it makes you want to perform a little bit better."

'Alpha Promoting Excellent Students' or the 'APES' had all the bases covered from cheers to motivational speaker Tony Mitchell. He told the students, "You are all bright, intelligent,beautiful young students. Third, fourth and fifth graders you will pass the TAKS test."

TAKS passage is important in these grades. Failure prevents promotion to the next grade. Knowledge and confidence work together. Neal feels good. "They've worked hard. Their teachers have worked hard and I know without a doubt they'll give 100%."