Freedom Fighter: Jack Welborn - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas


Freedom Fighter: Jack Welborn

  Gliders are described in the dictionary as "aircraft similiar to an airplane but without an engine". However, to Jack Welborn of Tyler, gliders are the silent heroes of the sky. During World War Two, Welborn was in charge of assembling gliders at Crookham Commons, England, for the invasion of Europe. Eisenhower ordered 600 gliders for the Normandy invasion. Hundreds more were assembled for the invasions of Holland and Germany. Although the glider missions were successful, mortality among the pilots were high and the majority of gliders were lost. Welborn has written about the gliders assembled at Crookham Commons in his book "A Legend Whispers In The Wind: The Fighting Falcon". The Fighting Falcon glider, featured in the book was purchased with funds raised by Greenville, Michigan school children. Welborn has been able to locate the frame of a World War Two glider and is restoring it. He belierves that even today there is a need for this silent aircrafts of the skies and that someday they will fly again in the service of our country.
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