State Candidates for the 2006 March Primary


Chris Bell (D)
Rashad Jafer (D)
Bob Gammage (D)

Larry Kilgore (R)
Star Locke (R)
Rick Perry (R)
Rhett R. Smith (R)

*Democrat and Republican winners will face off in the November General Election

Lieutenant Governor

Adrian DeLeon (D)
Benjamin E. Grant (D)
Maria Luisa Alvarado (D)

David Dewhurst (R)
Tom Kelly (R)

*Democrat and Republican winners will face off in the November General Election

State Representative, District 9

Roy Blake Jr. (R)
Wayne Christian (R)

State Representative, District 11

Larry Durrett (R)
Mike Alberts (R)
Brian Keith Walker (R)

*Winner will face Chuck Hopson (D) and Paul Story (L) in the November General Election

State Senate, District 3

Robert Nichols (R)
Frank Denton (R)
Dave Kleimann (R)
Bob Reeves (R)

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

Sharon Keller (R)
Tom Price (R)

*Winner will face J.R. Molina (D) in the November General Election



Statewide Ballot Propositions (Democratic Primary) or Initiatives (Republican Primary)


Democratic Ballot Propositions


1.       Do you support lifting millions of families above the national poverty line by increasing the state minimum wage above its current level of $5.15 per hour?

For or Against

2.       Do you support the restoration of Texans’ full rights to a trial by jury in civil cases?

For or Against


Republican Ballot Initiatives


1.       The Texas Legislature should enact legislation requiring that voters provide valid photo identification in order to cast a ballot in any and all elections conducted in the States of Texas.

For or Against

2.       The Texas Legislature should place on the next constitutional amendment election ballot a proposition to protect private property from being taken for economic purposes.

For or Against

3.       Every governmental body in Texas should be required to limit any annual increase in spending to the combined increase of population and inflation, except for additional spending authorized by a vote of the people or for official state of emergencies declared by the federal government.

For or Against

4.       In order to address the inequity of homeowner’s property taxes increasing at a rate far above the rate of inflation, the current 10% cap on the rate of increase of appraised value for all homesteads shall be reduced by 5% or less.

For or Against