Marine Celebrates Milestone with Great-Grandfather

Adam Ainsworth has been home from Iraq for several weeks, catching up on old time with family members, but in days he will have to return to his military duties with the Marine Corps. "I have until the 9th. I'm leaving the 9th. I'm taking a U-haul out there I have a house on base now. So I'm leaving the 9th which is Thursday," says Ainsworth.

Adam is not looking forward to leaving his family behind here in East Texas. His visit coming to an end makes him sad but seeing his great grandfather reach a milestone brings joy. Saturday family members gathered in Huntington to celebrate F.L. Ainsworth's 100th birthday. "It's great to see everybody. I haven't seen in a long time and able to see him and see that he is still going, 100 years old," Ainsworth. I'm happy, happy, proud I made it," says the 100 year old Ainsworth.

Mr. Ainsworth better known as paw says he never dreamed he would see 100 years. He says time has change a lot about him but it hasn't touched his sense of humor or his hope for more birthdays. "I'm working on 101 now," says Mr. Ainsworth.

Paw Ainsworth lives at home by himself.  He says he gave up driving about one year ago.