A Special Call From An East Texas Soldier

Sergeant First Class Lisa Booker has been in Afghanistan for over a year. Her being away in a foreign land worries the Booker family back home in Lufkin. "When she left to go to Afghanistan, we went to Austin they gave us a briefing and told us about being in the war zone, just preparing us for different things, but you can do all the preparing in the world but when it comes down to it you don't really know what's going on," says Lisa's son, E.J. Booker.

The Bookers can rest a little easier after receiving a telephone call from Lisa. "I got a phone call from her and she told me she was out of Afghanistan," says her mother, Bobbie Booker.

The Bookers received another phone call Sunday afternoon. She told them she will arrive in San Antonio Sunday night. "It's kind of a sense of relief knowing after all of this she will finally be able to be home and I won't have to worry if she's all right, "says Walker.

The Bookers are anticipating Lisa's return.  They placed a sign in front of their home to welcome her when she arrives. Her arrival can't come soon enough for family members. SFC Booker doesn't know when she will be able to return to Lufkin.