Voters Cast Their Ballots

"Governor's race - I'm very interested in," said voter, Louise Burrous. "Locally, the county judge, also precinct commissioner [races]."

The race for Angelina County judge got a lot of attention on election day, bringing thousands of voters to the polls.

Dewey Burrous said, "I think they're supposed to be the leaders in the county and we ought to pick the best we can. Sometimes, that don't give you much of a choice."

And there are four candidates to choose from. Republicans, businessman Wes Suitor and former state representative, Billy Clemons, are in the race, as well as Democrats Johnny Weismuller, Jr., a Lufkin attorney, and Hudson municipal judge, P.L. "Pete" Johnson.

"I think they have a lot to do with the community and everything that goes on in the county government," said Louise Burrous.

A large number of voters turned out for early voting, but Tueday's turnout was lower than expected.

Dewey Burrous said, "I think everybody ought to vote and that's their privilege whether they do or don't, but if they don't vote, they don't have any right to gripe."

Those who did cast their ballot Tuesday know voting always makes a difference.

Current Angelina County judge, Joe Berry, announced his retirement last year. He'll leave that position on December 31st after 22 years of service.