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7 On Your Side:TXU Plans

You've heard the stories from TXU customers complaining of outrageously high bills. "We had a $400 electric bill just two months ago," says Tyler resident Robert Hericourt in an October 2005 interview with KLTV. Now, the company has made available three different plans, it believes, can keep some of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

The first package is their Freedom Plan. "It's a great product. There's no reason why any TXU customer shouldn't sign up for the TXU freedom plan," says Sophia Stoller with TXU's Communications Department. Under the Freedom Plan a customer is locked in at an average rate of 15 cents per kwh and it's only being offered in 2006. You pay the same rate even if prices go up. If you find rates are less than what your paying under the Freedom Plan, you can cancel the plan to pay the lower rate, no questions asked. "If you're a customer that strongly wants and needs a fixed price and are concerned and wants some added protection then I would suggest you go with Price Guarantee 24," says Stoller. Price Guarantee 24 has a one percent lower rate than the Freedom Plan. TXU says you will be protected from rate increases from to rising fuel costs, maybe due to hurricanes or other disasters. The plan does require a two year commitment, and there is an early termination fee of $200. The third plan is called Market Tracker Plus. "With this product our customers can see a potential 15% discount," says Stoller. When "7 On Your Side" looked into this plan we felt it was more for the consumer who tracks natural gas costs. That's because, under this plan, your electric bill will mirror what natural gas costs are. If they're trending lower, your electric bill will be lower. The same, if costs trend higher. TXU does put a cap on how much you can be charged per kwh. It believes you'll find the biggest savings in the summer months, a $15-24 difference in your bill. With all of these plans available at your fingertips now, TXU did offer this piece of advice. "It's very important to read the fine print when it comes to determining your terms of service," says Stoller. Changing to any of these plans, will require you do some homework first.

You can sign up for those plans now. The Freedom Plan does have a March 31st deadline.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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