Blake is Unsure if He'll Run Again

He lost the war, but District 9 State Representative Roy Blake, Jr. said he won the battle. His opponent, Republican candidate, Wayne Christian, was in the lead all night in almost every precinct, even in some counties Blake was sure he'd get the most votes.

"We ran a really good clean campaign; an honest campaign, and I want to thank all the people that helped me and volunteered, all of my contributors throughout the district and I would run the same campaign that I did this time," said Blake.

Even as the numbers rolled in, Blake stayed hopeful, until he found out he was falsely ahead.

"We were trying to keep up with it as it progressed along and had some wrong numbers in there, which gave everybody a little bit of excitement here, but we finally got the totals and we came up a few votes short."

Blake lost the State Representative race with 43 percent of the votes. He's unsure if he'll run again.