Candidates Running for County Judge Say They Have a Lot to Offer

It was a long Tuesday night for dozens of Angelina County residents. They waited until the last number was tallied to find out who won the county judge's race for the Democratic and Republican ticket. The winners Republican Wes Suiter and Democrat Johnny Weismuller.

Suiter said, "I'm excited, it was a good race. I'm excited about the numbers, but I'm disappointed about the turn-out. You want everybody to be involved in the direction of the county, and the direction of the government."

Weismuller said, "I'm glad I won, and I'm looking forward to the race this fall."

Each of the candidates has certain goals in mind, they want their constituents to know about.

Suiter said, "Leadership is the big issue that I've heard a lot of people talk about in the primary. They want someone that will step in, Judge Berry has been here for 16-years and like I said people want someone who has good leadership abilities, good knowledge and background in local government issues. I think my 20-years in that, I think I'm going to bring a lot of experience to the office of county judge here."

Weismuller said, "The issues I really want to focus on is the economic development of the county, and also the budget for the county, and development of businesses and so forth like that to bring more jobs to the community. That is the areas that I want to focus onto. We also have problems with the DARE program and issues like that, and I want to see how the county can take care of some of those issues."

Wes Suiter beat out Billy Clemons by close to 800 votes, Weismuller had a closer race. He defeated Pete Johnson by only 63 votes.

Weismuller said, "A win is a win, I don't care what the margin is, a win is a win."