After The Primary

One of the most hotly contested races in East Texas was the Republican contest for State Representative in District 9. Wayne Christian was the winner over incumbent Roy Blake, Junior. Christian defeated Blake getting 56 % of the vote.

Victory came after a San Antonio billionaire pumped a lot of money into Christian's campaign. Two of the five candidates the ultra conservative helped across the state won. Now there's an apparent split in the Republican party. Christian is not too concerned. "A primary in the Republican party is supposed to be kinda a family fight. And we talk about the differences, but it's like when you have a fuss with your family when it's all over with we're family," said Christian moments after learning of his victory.

The Republican party split can be found from the governor's race down to local races. The split is primarily between strongly conservative leadership with a strong fundamentalist Christian backing to the more traditional conservativism that the Republican party is traditionally known for.