Water Outage In Chireno

By eleven Wednesday morning the water was running in Chireno and nearby areas. Not soon enough for residents affected by a broken water pipe that shut down water supplies at eight o'clock Tuesday night. Constable Chuck Copeland said, "In the city of Chireno there are about 400 and something total with all the apartments and everything."

About 300 Chireno school students got a play day. School was dismissed early when it was apparent the water wasn't coming on anytime soon. A Melrose Water Supply spokesman said the school never lost water. School personnel say that's simply not true. In fact, someone will have the job going around flushing toilets that were inoperable during the water outage. This is the second time this year school has been dismissed due to water outages," said school secretary, Susan Higgenbotham. "We didn't wait to eleven and then wait to twelve to dismiss then you have students without lunches and then the bathroom problem grows increasingly and it's just one of the things that you have to make a decision."

Chireno schools did have school long enough to meet the state's attendance requirement. No funding was lost, nor will the day have to be made up.

At the downtown cafe not having water was an inconvenience, but not nearly as bad as when the hurricane took out water, gas and electricity. The only unhappy customers were the local farmers. Owner Billy Ramsey explained, "They like to come in at six for their coffee and breakfast so we've had some many disgruntled citizens about no coffee."