Child Death Trial Enters Second Week

Authorities said two years ago, Billy Hill confessed to helping Tabitha Boone bury her four-year-old son, Anthony, after she either strangled or drowned him. Hill's friends who've been following the trial all week don't believe he was involved.

Brandee Jones said Hill lied "to protect Tabitha, because at one point I think he did love her and wanted to keep her out of trouble. But he could never have hurt that boy, ever."

Those close to Hill believe the truth will come out about what really happened the day little Anthony was killed.

"I know Billy didn't do it. He's not that type of person. He loves kids. He loves his boys and he's a grandfather, he loves his grandkids. There's no way that he possibly could have done anything to that little boy."

Witness after witness took the stand telling jurors Hill and Boone worked together to cover up Anthony's death, but Hill's supporters stand behind him every day.

"They've got the wrong person on trial," said Jones. "He did not commit this crime; no way. He was trying to protect somebody and he lied to protect them."

Hill originally faced two to ten years in prison for tampering with physical evidence. Now, he could get five to 99 years behind bars for felony injury to a child.

Tabitha Boone is still in the Polk County Jail. Hill's attorney said she was charged with capital murder and felony injury to a child, but she'll be tried for tampering with evidence.