Freedom Fighter: Alisha Bass - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas


Freedom Fighter: Alisha Bass

  When Naval Petty Officer Alisha Bass was sent to Afghanastan for a six month tour, she left her eleven month old daughter Kaitlyn with her parents, Phil and Debra Weiss, in Longview. Aliisha missed the important milestones of her daughter's first year, including her first birthday and her first Christmas. But the Weiss's and their sons Jacob and Caleb made sure that Kaitlyn didn't miss anything. They even built a nursery on to their house. Now Alisha has returned to claim her daughter and the Weiss family will have to say goodbye to the little girl who's been the center of their lives for the past six months. In July, Alisha will return to Afghanastan and Kaitlyn will return to East Texas. As one loved one returns, another is gone..just part of thr mixed blrssings of duty.
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