Authorities Discovered Neglected Animals

William Reynolds is an avid dog lover. His dog "Judge Mack" was a Father's day gift. He considers him a member of the family. "Our pet is just one of the family. We take him riding just like he's one of the kids ",says William Reynolds.

Some owners are not as caring as Reynolds. Yesterday when authorities responded to a Lufkin house fire. They found four malnourished pit bulls. "They looked like they had gone a while without food and could have been possibly fought at some time, we were told", says Animal Control Officer Jeff Day.

The woman who started the fire, told authorities the pit bulls belonged to her husband. She also admitted the dogs were being neglected and abused. "It's very disconcerting because they have feelings just like we do. It's hard to think about your own pets, they are kind of like your kids so to see someone mistreat one hurts", says Day.

Animal Control Officers took the mild mannered pit bulls from the home. Folks at Animal Control wouldn't comment on what happened to the four pit bulls. We do know they are not at Animal Control, they were not picked up by the owner and it is very rare animals that were possibly used for fighting dogs are put up for adoption. The case of animal abuse is just one of many officers at handle daily. William Reynolds says people should know owning a pet is a responsibility. "I don't like to see any animal neglected. I don't like to see them mistreated. It just shouldn't happen, that's all. There is no excuse for it. If people don't want an animal they ought to take it and give it away.

No charges were filed against the owner because the pits bull were turned over to animal control willingly.