Power Outage and Grassfire in Blackforest Community

For the second time this week Zavalla firefighters were busy fighting a grass fire Saturday afternoon. This time a downed power line is to blame. "The high winds knocked a power line down. It ignited a small fire then the wind picked it up, it spread pretty quickly. We were fortunate to get on scene and put a good stop on it, says Zavalla's Assistant Fire Chief, Richard Brunk.

It happened on Caney Creek Road when a power line fell onto dry grass. "It's about a four strand wire, but only one strand fell down", says Brunk.

The one fallen wire was enough to knock out power for folks living in the Blackforest community. "Well, right now, it would be hot if I were inside", says Gloria Stewart.

Stewart was without power for 16 days after Hurricane Rita. She says she's prepared this time. "I usually tell people when they move up here they really need to get a generator because our electricity goes out because trees fall on the lines, so we go without electricity.

Fire officials say the power line belongs to a Jasper-Newton company. They have been contacted. They will work through Saturday night to restore power.