Soldier Returns From Afghanistan

A yellow ribbon was placed on a tree by friends and family, hoping for Sergeant First Class Lisa Bookers safe return. She's been in Kabul, Afghanistan for over a year. "For me there really wasn't a fear. I'm here at home now under the same roof I've been under for 22 years and I'm just as fearful in Lufkin as I could be in Afghanistan or Iraq," says SFC Lisa Booker.

Though she wasn't fearful she missed her family. Lisa's father is relieved to have her home. "It's a relief especially when I've been overseas in the military 28 years and I know what these youngsters have to go through and to think her being that far and need me and I can't get to her", says Willie Booker.

Lisa missed spending the Christmas holiday with her family, so Santa Claus and Christmas gifts were waiting for her on arrival, but this soldier's says being back in East Texas is more than a gift. "It's different but it's great to sleep in my own bed, but it's a transition period you have to adjust yourself to being able to walk in the kitchen and open the fridge something I haven't done in a year, walking with no shoes on and feeling the grass under your feet or just breathing fresh air," says Booker.

After some R & R, Lisa will return to her job with the Forest Service in Lufkin.