Our Practice

Our goal is to treat you and your family with kindness and approach your care with the highest level of medical professionalism. The art of medicine is ever changing. Yet, it is our privilege to provide you and your family with the latest in medical technology and to deliver the latest in medical care possible.

We realize that you have a choice in choosing your family physician and we understand that it can be challenging developing new relationships. We would like to let you know a few details about our practice and what to expect:

When you arrive, the receptionist will have you sign and get a new patient for a picture identification card and an insurance card. After you fill this out and return it to the receptionist, your medical record will be compiled. At which time, the nurse will bring you back. Your vital signs will be taken.

The nurse will take a thorough medical history and at which time, you will be asked to provide a detailed assessment of your illness and complaints. Being very specific is important so that a correct and final assessment of your complaints may be established.

The doctor will then see you for the reason you have outlined during the nursing assessment. The nurse will let you know that the doctor will be with you shortly. If you have multiple complaints or your care is more detailed, a longer visit may be required. The doctor will review your patient history with a thorough examination establishing a different diagnosis and will discuss your treatment with you.

The doctor will answer your questions at this time. Should you need an injection or any procedures, the nurse will administer it to you after the doctor leaves the room. A nurse will tell you if the doctor will be back in the room or, if you are ready to be checked out, the nurse will escort you to the checkout area.

Payment is due at the time the services are rendered. If any other arrangements are to be made, then this may be done with the office manager's approval only prior to your visit. At this time, you will receive your prescriptions, receipt, and any follow-up appointment that is necessary.