Several Fires Out of Control

Grass fires are popping up all over East Texas and those fires are keeping fire departments busy, especially, with the strong wind the past few days.

Terry Westmoreland, the Nacogdoches fire marshal, said, "You just don't understand how quickly it gets away."

Several volunteer fire departments responded to an out of control pasture fire in Cushing. The owner says he was burning a pile of trash when the fire began to spread. The lack of rain and windy weather can also increase fire danger.

Westmoreland said, "We haven't had a lot of rain, as quickly as we do it dries up, and with all the vegetation and high wind it can get out of hand."

Fire departments realize now is the time many people around East Texas will be burning trash, and burning areas for their gardens. But, they want East Texans to be careful. You might have to pay the bills if a fire you start gets out of hand.

Westmoreland said, "If it damages a fence or someone else's property, you'll be liable for it, and if the Texas Forest Service gets called out, that's an added expense."

So far, the city fire department in Nacogdoches has not been as busy as the volunteer fire departments across the county. City departments usually do not get called to help with fires in the country, unless they get big and out of control.