911 Addresses Causing Problems

When Angelina County sheriff's deputies are called to an emergency they often have a difficult time finding the location. A lot of residents have not registered for their 911 address or don't have their house numbers visible.

Everyday dispatchers are busy answering phone calls. But, when they have to send out deputies to different locations, they sometimes have trouble.

Sherry O'Brien, an Angelina County sheriff's dispatcher, said, "This lady called she was hysterical, and if we needed she couldn't tell us what her address was."

If your 911 address is registered, it will pop up on the dispatcher's computer screen. But, a lot of people have not registered their addresses. And, many times, those addresses are not clearly posted where they can be seen, day or night.

Angelina County Sheriff Kent Henson said, "It definitely helps if you post 911 numbers on the road."

Sgt. Ricky Barley, an Angelina County sheriff's deputy, said, "That is important for a life or death situation, make the numbers bigger. It could be your family members and we need to get there as fast as we can."

Making a phone call to register your address or clearly posting it, could save a life.

You can call 1-(888)-473-1912 to register for a 911 address.