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Trashing East Texas:Whitehouse

Used tires, old batteries, and at least fifty broken-down cars left by those who are Trashing East Texas. The two acre illegal dump site is in Whitehouse is just west of the intersection of County Road 756 and FM 344. A neighbor told kltv 7's Lindsay Wilcox, he's so irritated by the sight, he's stopped construction on his dream home.

Jason roman is developing this 20 acre piece of land...for his family's new home.

"It's just a beautiful part of the country, and my family and I wanted to get out here to the country," Roman said.

But next door to his property, are piles of used batteries, empty tanks, water heaters, and car after car. Jason believes it could be posing an environmental hazard.

"Battery acid, oil, gas, whatever is seeping out of these cars, cause I know they're probably not empty," Roman said.

It's the run-off from those vehicles that has Jason concerned. He's plugged up the pipe that connects the two properties as a temporary fix, but he says one good rain could contaminate this newly built lake.

If that happens, it would shatter the dream he has of his children swimming and fishing here once the lake is full. Jason says he's called the EPA and the county, but so far, there's not been a change.

"I don't think that my home, or this community, should have to drive by and look at a dump site from the highway that is the way it looks," Roman said.

He says he doesn't want his neighbor to get into trouble. He just wants him to clean-up this mess.

Jason also says if he has to, he will put up a privacy fence around the property to hide the eye-sore. The land owner told him that would be okay, but he's not willing to pay for it.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:

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