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7 On Your Side: Euro Lottery Scam

It's called the Euro Lottery. They come in the form of letters, claiming you've won thousands in their drawing. We investigated and found these letters have been mailed to people all across the U.S., including folks in East Texas like Devaughn Moten who thought, "This is a blessing, this is truly a blessing!" Devaughn received two letters within one week. One saying he won about $45,000, the other $90,000. By this time his hopes were rising. "My house is paid off!," says Devaughn about how he would use the money. With the letters were checks that Devaughn would have to deposit in his bank account and wire transfer it back to receive his "winnings." It's here we would usually tell you that these checks are fake and would not clear the bank. But these scammers are now using real companies and somehow obtained the company's real bank account information. We called Masterpiece Collections, the name of the company on one of the checks. We found out they're a wholesale distributor of artwork out of Lilburn, Georgia. The phone number on the check is changed, so when you call you talk to directly to the scammers. "She actually had me believing [the Euro Lottery] was true," says Devaughn when he called the phone number. "Because she said 'Wait a minute what's your last name?' And I told them my last name and then she said let me get your files... pretending like she was actually getting a file and she said 'Oh yes, Mr. Moten I have your file and your lump sum check is in here." The other check sent to Devaughn had the company name Kuhlman Corporation on it, which is a building materials supplier out of Toledo, Ohio. This company says it has received at least a hundred phone calls about this bogus lottery from people in seven different states including Texas. Devaughn says calling 7 On Your Side would only help spread the word to unsuspecting East Texans. "If you are greedy, this will get you," warns Devaughn. Come across one of these, you'll know now that it's a scam And that's information you can take to

Both companies tell 7 On Your Side they mail checks to their vendors regularly. Some even go to Canada, where many of these scams originate. It's there, they believe, the check may have got in the wrong hands.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com

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