Man Scams East Texas Businesses

John Vaughn opened his cell phone business about a year ago. Business can be slow at times, so he's always buying advertising to attract new customers. "When he came in he said he was doing ads and I was one of the few. There were four stores that could be on the ad and he was interested in knowing if I wanted to be one of the four," says store owner, John Vaughn.

The man promised Vaughn his ad would appear on a daily flyer and everyone in Lufkin would get a copy of it. "He explained to me what the cost was I went ahead and done it and after that I saw him three times, I never saw him after that," says Vaughn.

Vaughn never saw his advertisement he paid hundreds of dollars for either. Authorities say businesses in Nacogdoches were also the target of the scammer. "If a person comes in and say they are going to be doing this in this area you may want to reconsider, because you want to deal with publication or companies that are already out there," says Lufkin Police Lt. Greg Denman.

"It's really upsetting that someone like that would take your money and leave and never come back and never do what they say they were going to do," says Vaughn.

Authorities say before giving money to anyone offering services you should check them out. They say most legitimate companies are registered with the Better Business Bureau.

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