Rising Gas Prices

by Jessica Cervantez

Ryan Lambert, from Nacogdoches, said he think the gas prices are horrible, but you have to pay them.

"You have to have the gas rather than walk to work."

James Pace, of Nacogdoches, said, "It puts a crunch in your pocketbook, especially, if you're on a fixed income, like a lot of people are, I don't understand it."

Just last week, in Nacogdoches, you could find unleaded gas selling for about $2.29 per gallon. Now, gas was up to $2.45 a gallon at some places. Statewide the average is now $2.34.

Claudia Lopez, of Nacogdoches, said, it takes $45 to fill up her tank. But, gas can be a hard thing to do without, especially if you need to travel.

Lambert said, "I have a Dodge with a hemi, I fill up every few days $50. My wife can go a week or two, and say 'oh i haven't filled up all week,' it's kind of depressing. Gas prices are horrible, but you have to have gas."