Huntington Mobile Home Ordinance Dispute

Jo Ann Fecteah purchased a mobile home four years ago when she bought it, she planned on renting it out or selling it. "I have this mobile home for sale. It was on this property when the guy bought this place and our deal was that if he ever wanted to buy if I ever decided to move our deal was that he could buy the mobile home," says Jo Ann Fecteah.

While her buyer waited to complete the purchase, the city of Huntington put a new ordinance in place. An ordinance that doesn't allow any new mobile homes to move into the city, or to be purchased as rental property, unless they are in a mobile home park. "It was already here. I can understand not wanting to move others ones in because the situation of a lot of the mobile homes here, but this was already here and they gave me a permit to move it in here," says Fecteah.

Jo Ann recently purchased new property. "I need to sell it because I purchased another mobile home and some more land. It leaves me in a bad situation. I have a loan. The money needs to go toward it. I am a single mom so it's hard making ends meet," says Fecteah.

The mayor was not available for comment and we couldn't find a city councilman willing to talk about the ordinance but we did get a copy of the mobile home ordinance. The new rules in Huntington are meant to improve the appearance of the city. But the changes are coming at a cost for this mobile home owner.

The city will meet Tuesday, March 21st with concerned mobile home residents.