East Texas Allergies

It's beginning to look like spring in East Texas. The flowers are blooming, the brown leaves have been replaced by green leaves, and we're even starting to see some green grass. But we are also seeing this yellow green powder substance better known as pollen everywhere. "It can get all over your cars, your windows, it just stands real heavy on the ground especially in the mornings," says Amber Collins.

Amber Collins works at an East Texas allergy clinic. Patients are keeping her busy. "This time of year sinus infections, asthma flares up and anybody with any kind of lung infection it makes it worse," says Collins.

For now we will have to tolerate the pollen being on our shoes and cars but Amber says there is treatment for your sneezing and coughing. But there is not a quick fix.

Many East Texans welcome the beauty of spring, but the allergy season is something we can do without.