What's in Your Beans?

An East Texan woman. says she was surprised to find something inside a can of beans. She bought the beans at a Lufkin store. Jill Kelley says she opened two cans of green beans to throw into a bowl. That's when she discovered what at first she thought was a 'rotten' green bean.

After Jill and her husband looked closer they believed they were seeing a piece of a snake mixed in with the beans.

The next thing she did was call HEB where she bought the cans of food.

The HEB store manager in Lufkin tells us he is aware of the situation.

Kelley says she was told to send the beans and what she believes is a snake in for testing. She has been offered a refund for her cans of beans.

HEB representatives tell us they are trying to contact Kelley to test the product. They say they want to do everything possible to guarantee the customer's satisfaction.