Girl Missing for 10 Years Found, Was Allegedly Held Captive

A Pennsylvannia woman has been found after allegedly being held captive since 1996, when she disappeared at age 14.

Tanya Kach of McKeesport, Pa., was found this week living in the same city under a different name, local officials told ABC News' Pittsburgh affiliate WTAE.

Kach had been last seen on Feb. 10, 1996.

On Tuesday, she was identified as a 24-year-old woman using the name Nicky Evans, WTAE reported.

"She's in good condition. She's with family members in the Pittsburgh area," Police Chief Joseph Pero told The Associated Press.

Joe Sparico, owner of JJ's Deli Mart in McKeesport, told WTAE that the woman had been a customer at his store for seven months and they'd become friendly.

Sparico said that on Tuesday she told him she had been using an alias, and that her real name was Tanya Kach. She also claimed she had been locked in a bedroom for four years at a man's parents' house — without their knowledge. Further information about her account were not available.

Sparico said Kach pleaded, "Don't you abandon me."

Sparico checked missing persons reports and located Kach before calling McKeesport Police.

The man who allegedly held Kach has not been arrested or charged. His name has not been released.

Held Captive for a Decade

Sparico told "Good Morning America" the alleged captor is a security guard at a school, and that he brainwashed her into thinking that her family didn't want her anymore. He and Kach had allegedly concocted a cover story, telling people people that she met him when he was 18 and he was working as a security guard at a mall.

Sparico said Kach told him she was kept in a bedroom in the house of her captor's parents. She said the parents were unware she was there, because he locked her in when he went to work.

Kach has now been reunited with her father, he said.

McKeesport and Allegheny County police were investigating the girl's disappearance, but they didn't immediately offer other details.