Suspected Killer Ends Up in an East Texas Jail

It started as a routine traffic stop when Woodville police pulled over 46-year old Carey van Buren.

"After investigation, [we] discovered that the driver was intoxicated and was in possession of less than two ounces of marijuana," said Tyler County Chief Deputy Clint Sturrock.

Van Buren was taken to jail and held there for two days because he couldn't afford to make bond. That's when authorities were notified he was suspected of killing his own mother, 77-year-old Gayle van Buren, back in New York.

"He told them that he had killed his mother - hit her in the back of the head with a mallot; some type of a hammer - and had put her body in one of the back bedrooms of the house."

Authorities said van Buren and his mother had a big fight before he reportedly killed her. He'd been driving her car for several days and was headed to Mexico when police caught up with him. He's expected to stay in the Tyler County jail for at least ten days before he's extradited back to New York.

Right now, van Buren is charged with DWI and drug possesseion. A murder charge will be added once a warrant from New York is confirmed.