Saving While Shopping

With gas prices steadily rising across the state, East Texans are pinching pennies where ever and whenever they can; that includes grocery shopping. Store brand products are flying off the shelves just as quickly as the more popular labels.

Margie Tareilo of Lufkin said, "Sometimes they're a few cents cheaper than the name brand, but they have good flavor most of the time. If I find something I really like, I stick with it."

But there's another reason generic products are becoming more popular.

"I feel like it's because of the value," said Walmart department manager, Karen Labrozzi. "I buy the Great Value [store] brand myself and I don't feel like there's any difference in quality."

And shoppers agree.

Wells resident, Inca Buckley, said, "Same quality, just a different brand. You get the same thing when you buy a generic product as you do when you buy a brand name, with certain things. As far as vegetables go, a vegetable is a vegetable."

While there isn't much difference in taste, there is a difference in the cost of store brand products and the more popular labels. A Walmart brand of corn can cost as little as 42 cents a can, but the more popular brand can cost as much as 48 cents a can.

Although the shoppers we spoke with said generic or store brand foods usually taste just as good as brand names, the contents aren't always the same because there are often fewer added ingredients in store brand products. Shoppers also said there isn't as much variety with store brand or generic products.