Garrison Teen Learns Lessons At Steer Show

Garrison teenager Timothy Gipson has a will that makes up for his lack of show ring experience. "I never tried it and I thought it would be fun for my first time," said Timothy while calming a big steer. Garrison cowboy George Burns gave Timothy the opportunity by providing the handsome Beefmaster/Brahma cross. Burns said, "I just like to see young people get out here and do this and have fun at it. It's a real good experience for them."

Like pre show jitters for the first timer. Tim could only say, "A little bit nervous," when describing his feelings. Just moments before stepping into the ring Timothy got tips from his ag teacher. The support from fellow Garrison Bulldogs came right up to show time. Show ring veteran Meagan Kelley provided sideline coaching. "That's good. Don't rub him so hard, Tim," she said from behind the rail fence. Kelley explained why she's helping out. "Because he's worked so hard. I know he has. He's doing a good job. I know he wants to do good."

This positive support is good for an impressionable young man who has followed others down the wrong path. This steer has provided life lessons. Student teacher Katie Brewster said, "Everyday during school he fed it, waters it and we work with it at the school. He keeps it at the ag barn."

The hard work paid off. Timothy was focused and ended up winning third place in his steer's class. The judge said, "What you see is what you get," when appraising the animal. Timothy was barely aware that he had won. That's all it took. Timothy came out with all the confidence in the world. While holding a white ribbon that his steer took a big bite of Timothy said, "I was having a little trouble because he wouldn't stay still every time. I tried to set him. Ae then I got kinda got loose out there and did what I had to do."

Timothy will sell the steer Friday at the Steer Premium Sale. Burns knows how he's going to use the profit. "It's going to go towards the purchase of his next year's steer." With the hopes of a grand champion win.

If you want to help Timothy and all the other kids out come to the Steer Show Premium Sale Friday night at 6:00 at the Nacogdoches Exposition Center. Even if you don't bid it's a lot of fun to watch. And you can catch rodeo performances through Saturday night. Pre rodeo events begin at 6:30 with the rodeo underway at 7:30.