Drug Task Force Agency Auction

Hundreds of people showed up at this auction Saturday in Nacogdoches, hoping to be the highest bidder on everything from a truck to a tool box for the truck and even a washing machine. Travis Drewry came to replace his old truck he lost in a wreck. The bidding was very competitive,but Drewry didn't walk away empty handed. "I bought two pickups a Dodge pickup and a Ford pickup", says Travis.

This wasn't just any auction, but an auction to sell items from a closing East Texas Narcotics Trafficking Task Force. "We are trying to liquidate many of the task force assets. All the money we generate from this sale will be divided into a bank account to be equally divided among the agencies pending approval from the governor's office", says Nacogdoches County Sheriff Thomas Kerss.

Sheriff Kerss says the agency is closing but the fight continues against drugs in East Texas communities.