Domestic Violence Victim's Concerns

By Larry Little

Tracii New is a victim of domestic violence.  Memories of the abuse are fresh in her mind. "There was one time when he was drunk and about to take off with my son who was a baby at the time so I grabbed the phone. I was on the phone with the sheriff's department, trying to give them directions and he ripped the phone out of the wall. They got here within five minutes to make sure he hadn't killed us or anything," says Traci New.

Tracii says her abuser has broken into her home several times and he tried to break in Saturday night. I pulled up in the drive way it was dark. I noticed the screen was off of the window and the items on the porch had been moved from in front of the window," says New.

Tracii says she called Hudson police department for help. "I waited for two hours and the police never came. I checked my cell phone and I had a message from the Hudson police department saying they might try to contact me later on so I waited 30 minutes and called the sheriff's department," says New.

I tried to contact the Hudson police department but did not get an answer, but from what I understand calls go to the Angelina county sheriff's department and officers are dispatched based on priority. Tracii did not see anyone in her home or she wasn't being attacked so her call is considered a criminal mischief call, but she has every right to be scared.

There are nearly 1 million cases of domestic violence every year. Women make up 31 percent of that number and in Texas last year 116 women were killed because of domestic violence.

Traci says she likes living in Hudson, but she wants the protection for residents to increase with the population.