Several Students Arrested at Nacogdoches High School

by Jessica Cervantez

Several high school students in Nacogdoches were arrested after a fight broke out during an alleged riot.

The disturbance began Saturday night at a local party between New Orleans and Nacogdoches students, and continued until Monday morning. School police received a tip, and had extra security on hand Monday morning.

Right as school started, about a hundred students were in the commons area, but police were able to stop it before anyone got hurt. 15 were arrested, 6 were booked into the county jail, 9 others were juveniles. Out of those, five were released to parents, and the other four transported to a Longview detention center.

Doug Ploch, the NISD police chief said, "All subjects involved have been suspended for three days. We'll be looking at more severe punishment as far as discipline goes."

All 15 students have been charged with rioting. They expect more arrests after further investigation.