The Fight is on for Governor of Texas

by Larry Little

Lufkin attorney Clayton Dark is on a mission. He's collecting signatures in East Texas to help Kinky Friedman get on the ballot for governor of Texas. "If we can get him on the ballot. I honestly think he can win. The problem is we have these petitions and each person that signs this has to represent they haven't voted in a primary election or signed another petition," says Clayton Dark.

Clayton says the hard work is well worth it. He already has a few hundred signatures. He feels his candidate's name recognition places him ahead of other candidates. The election is still several months away and most voters don't have an idea of who they want to vote for, but I wanted to see if voters could identify the pictures of candidates. "I don't know. I've seen this person before but I don't know who he is," says Brenda White as she looked at a picture of Democrat Chris Bell.

At first voter Michael Poore couldn't recognize Governor Perry. Poore didn't know Democrat Chris Bell either. Clayton is familiar with them all. "I think Rick Perry's record speaks for itself. I think he's tied very heavily to politics and not the people. Kinky Friedman has some plans for school finance and school funding. Governor Perry is seeking his second term and he hasn't produced anything so far. Chris Bell is basically an unknown. I know who he is, but I don't know what he stands for. We know Carol Strayhorn has been in a number of state offices and she is a professional politicians," says Clayton Dark.

This November it will be left to voters to decide who is best for Texas. Check out these websites for more information on your choice for governor.