Cleaning Up East Texas

by Larry Little

Folks in Nacogdoches believe first impressions are lasting. Hundreds of people came out Saturday to pick up trash to keep Nacogdoches beautiful. One cigarette butt at a time, hundreds of volunteers started their day picking of trash along highways in and around Nacogdoches county. They hope to improve the appearance of the county and the oldest city in the state. "We want to have a beautiful garden to go along with the beautiful city we live in here," says Debbie Stevens from Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful.

Daniela Yepes is an exchange student from Columbia for now she says Nacogdoches is home. She cleaned along highway 7 early Saturday morning. "It's pick up trash day in Texas and it's good to make the highways clean and help," says Yepes.

On this 20th anniversary of the don't mess with Texas campaign. Folks at TxDot say they appreciate the efforts of volunteers. "It's very important. "It's the premier litter prevention effort in Texas just to have the volunteers because the state can't afford to keep all of these highways clean," says TxDot spokeswoman, Kathi White. "It really touches my heart to see these people out volunteering caring about the community," says Stevens.

Organizers say keeping your community beautiful is not a once a year effort but something we should do everyday.