Slow Down for Workers

Traffic accidents in construction zones claim dozens of lives in Texas every year. Many times the crashes are caused by careless drivers. There are things motorists can do to make the work areas safer.

For the past year and a half, construction workers have been busy with a project on Highway 7, near Ratcliff. During that time, they have had some close calls with drivers.

David Rodriguez said he had to jump off the road, to avoid getting hit by a car.

Despite the potential danger, the workers try to be as safe as they can. But, they need drivers to obey the laws. Remember, traffic fines double if you're ticketed in a construction zone while workers are present.

On an average day, there are more than 13-hundred work zones stretching through more than 79-thousand miles of Texas roadways. And, while the workers are making the roads better and safer for you, they need you to help make construction zones safer for them.