Killer Sentenced to Prison

It's been a long year for the family of Sheila Buggs-Davis. They packed an Angelina County courtroom Thursday to help send her killer to prison.

Jimmy Davis didn't get the life sentence Sheila's family has been fighting for, but they said it's enough.

Demorea Hadnot, Sheila's son, said, "We're just happy that it got settled in justice. My family's happy. I'm happy just to get all the emotion and all the anger out. We are pretty happy and hope that he pays for what he done to my mother."

The hearing is over, but not the pain and suffering Sheila's family is feeling.

LaTisha Davis, Sheila's oldest daughter, said, "It's probably still not over. We still have time to mend. It's only been a year and a couple of months. It's gonna take time, but we'll get through it."

Sheila's youngest daughter, Ericka Davis, collapsed after leaving the witness stand. She's glad her mother's killer is now out of her family's life.

"I really didn't look at him," Ericka said. "He knows he's wrong for what he did, so I'm glad that he got 75 to life, so that's good. Nobody should ever get away with murder, especially murdering my mom."

Forty-two year-old Davis pleaded guilty right before a jury would have been picked for his murder trial. He shot his ex-wife last March during a fight at her home in Lufkin. At the time, he was holding her and several of her family members hostage at gunpoint.

Davis was sentenced to 75 years in prison. He has to serve at least 30 years before he's eligible for parole.