Will Republican Woes Effect East Texas Elections?

Many voters will walk into a polling place in East Texas to cast votes for candidates this November, but locally will it be the Republican party they vote for after growing party issues?

New polls show President Bush's approval rating at an all time low, immigration still haunts a Republican controled house and senate, and earlier this week tom delay announced his resignation. Could the Republican party's troubles affect upcoming elections in East Texas? "The manner in which those stories are reported from Washington will definetly have an effect on all the races across the country, strictly because those stories are going to appeal toward the swing voter," Republican State Representative candidate, Jody Anderson.

Jody Anderson and Scott Cooper are both die-hard Republicans. But this is their first time running as Republicans in general elections. "I don't have a problem running on the Republican ticket because it's fundamentally what i believe most of the time. It's a conservative party," says Republican County Commissioner candidate, Scott Cooper. "At the end of the day my campaign is going to be base on me meeting folks face to face, not what they read from Washington," says Anderson.

Some East Texas voters are already starting to form opinions. "I don't have any bad feelings about Mr. Bush.  I think he's a fine Christian man, but he's had a horrible presidency because of the war," says voter Martha Sutton.

Despite the Republican party's recent troubles the party still has strong support from some East Texas voters. "I probably will vote for a Republicans here in Angelina county," says Keith Sutton.

Others aren't so willing to committ until November.