Traffic Watch: Four-Way Stops

by Joanna Baker

When it comes to driving in town, it seems as if many people are still confused about four-way stops.

Lufkin police officer Eddie Ibarra says protocol is basically on a first-come, first-serve basis. He says it seems that people here in East Texas usually cooperate, even go as far as to wave on other drivers.

According to our state transportation code, you have to stop at every stop sign unless a police officer tells you otherwise. Ibarra says if there is a stop line painted on the road, you have to stop behind it. If not, stop behind the sign. Also be sure to come to a complete stop where your tires quit rotating.

When it comes to traffic lights, some people still get a little confused with the red and green arrows when it comes to turning left. The red arrow means you have to stop and cannot turn. Only when you see the green arrow can you then make your turn.

Ibarra says a number of crashes that happen at intersections are because people get in a hurry and just don't pay attention. So remember to be patient.