Most Students Follow TAKS Tips

Studying is the best way to ace any exam, but students at Lufkin Middle School are also taking extra steps to pass the TAKS.

Jeron Williams said, "When I go to tutoring, we have a test every week and I just go to tutoring in the mornings - like three days - and it's been helping, because on all my tests I've been passing."

The day before the test can be the most nerve-wracking, but students like Jeron Williams and Lindsay Harper are confident they'll do well. Faculty and staff spend all year preparing them for the TAKS, knowing the distractions kids face before the exam.

Vicki Evans, L.M.S. principal, said, "We spend time before the test letting them know that that's the best prevention for being nervous is to be prepared. It's not a test of luck, it's a test of preparedness, so I believe that's the best way for them to not have so many jitters, is to work hard and be prepared and have confidence."

There are also some common sense habits students should practice in the days leading up to the test.

Lindsay Harper said, "I study for every test and I get good sleep before the TAKS test, and I eat a good breakfast and just go into tutorials during school, and just study as much as you can."

This is the first year Lufkin Middle School students have taken part of the TAKS exam online. They are also the first students in Angelina County to use the computer for the test.