Hundreds Protest in Lufkin

by Jessica Cervantez

More than two hundred protestors showed up for Monday morning's march in Lufkin, with their American flags and signs. With union support, their goal was to be organized and orderly, while making their presence known. Those marching want equal treatment for illegal immigrants.

They marched, while chanting, "Si se puede," which means "Yes, we can."

Juanita Hernandez says her parents have been working in the United States as undocumented immigrants their whole lives. She is marching to help get them legalized.

Hernandez said, "Por toda mi familia, estoy caminando."

Maria Hernandez wanted to march for her family, so their voices can be heard.

Hernandez said, "Es muy importante para mi familia."

Some onlookers said they do not agree with the march. They want stricter immigration laws. Others along the route, cheered them on.

Michael Fleetwood, a supporter of the march, said, "They have been willing to come and work for pennies on the dollar and there comes a time when they need to make a living for their families."

Marchers walked to the county courthouse, the federal courthouse, picking up more marchers along the way. They were greeted by the mayor at city hall.

Louis Bronaugh said, "We, here in the city, are here to welcome you as residents, visitors, and your needs will be met."