Former Deputy Sheriff is on Trial for Beating Inmate

The second trial for Marshall Scott Taylor is expected to last through Thursday. Trinity County's former deputy sheriff is accused of roughing up a prisoner who was handcuffed at the time.

Witnesses claim he used a karate chokehold on Gary Wayne Hoffman and rammed Hoffman's head into a locked jail door to open it. Afterwards, Hoffman was nearly unconscious.

Over and over, Taylor's attorney tried to show jurors how that door could have been damaged by someone purposely running into it.

A dispatcher with the Trinity County Sheriff's Office said Hoffman was suicidal while in jail and may have gotten hurt after running into the jail door on his own.

Taylor reportedly has a history of trouble at work and has never held a job longer than two years. He is now a deputy constable and writes citations in Trinity County. Taylor no longer has the same contact with inmates he had as deputy sheriff.

If convicted of official oppression, he faces two years in jail and permanent loss of his peace officer's license.

Back in August, Taylor's first trial ended with a hung jury.