Tax Deadline

With less than a week left to file your taxes, tax specialists expect their offices to be filled with customers ready to file their taxes. So, either that means they have already filed, or they will be in at the very last minute.

Emily Dominey, a tax specialist, said, "We have done a lot of returns already, but most of those returns, people have had simple basic W-2s. People file extensions now because they are older now, their children have left home, and they think they will have to pay."

Tax preparers expect many tax payers to file for an extension. Remember, it is an extension to file, not an extension to pay. Most people who wait have complicated taxes to file, or just procrastinate.

Dominey said, "If they file an extension and they don't pay, there will be a penalty involved in that. But if they pay up to 90-percent of that estimated tax, then they can avoid that penalty, but they need to file something."

But, there are easier methods to pay now.

"There are several payment options that the Internal Revenue Service has offered, you can pay by credit card, or you can make installments."

Some tax payers who will receive a refund, already know what their going to spend it on.

Michael Thornton said, "Bills, that is all I can afford to do."

Don't forget you have until Monday, April 17th to file.

H & R Block will be open on Easter. From now until Monday, they are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.